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Ken has lived in Geneva for over 35 years and served as a City Councilor for two terms. He is a husband, the father of two daughters,

an energy consultant, an engaged citizen, and one of the founders of the Finger Lakes Regional Arts Council, created 50 years ago to protect and preserve the Smith Opera House. 

Ken graduated from Hobart College with a degree in economics in 1972. He also has an MS in Energy Management and Policy from the University of Pennsylvania (1984). Currently, Ken is GM of Stark Commodity Advisors, LLC.

Fighting for Geneva and Genevans

I have been fighting for Geneva long before I became a member of City Council.   My long term vision for this community started within a couple of years of my graduation from HWS in 1972. My initial effort along with four friends was fdevoted to the rescue and preservation of the Smith Opera House, then known as the Geneva Theater, that took almost 5 years to secure with the help of countless other members of the Geneva community.  

After many years as an environmental activist in the community I participated in the public efforts to opposed the expansion of landfills in the Finger Lakes and also misguided ethanol and incinerator.proposals forward by opportunistic developers..  Fighting for the future of the Finger Lakes has become both a way to preserve and protect our natural environment and way of life as well as promote our economic development future in wine and food related tourism.

In my first term on City Council (CC) I fought for transferring the City's 911 system to Ontario County control saving our taxpayers hundreds of thousands of $.  Related to this effort was the silencing of the Geneva Fire Dept's.antiquated fire horn which had long outlived its usefulness as an effective fire alarm system. 


In my current term (coming to an end in December 2019), I have continued to argue for more transparency in City Government operations, controlling expenses (limiting City Hall renovations, advocating for postponing the lakefront marina), while implementing growth initiatives such as fast-tracking Planned Unit Developments (PUD) and infill residential projects.  

Finally, during this term, I began promoting the relocation of the Finger Lakes Railroad to accomplish multiple economic development objectives. They include:  6th Ward access to the lakefront via the Pre-Emption St. right-of- way and offering developers opportunities to construct new housing with a lake view on the north side of 5&20. Together these initiatives reduce the pressure to locate development on the lake shore and keeps our lakefront park open and accessible for all the people,  

If re-elected for 2020, I will carry on these efforts and work to make Geneva a kinder, more beautiful, and prosperous community for all its residents. 


Experience -  "Old Guy" Perspective


There are two pictures of me in this website - the one when i ran for office about 8 years ago (shown above) and one of me now with a touch of the unshaven "old man in the sea" effect (on the Home Page lakeside).

The reason to keep both pictures in the website is to remind myself that as the oldest man on City Council I have a unique perspective to offer in government operations.  It is also to remind Geneva residents that i have a little experience at this City Council business.

You see, at age 70 this year, I have passed through an interesting period  of time in my life - one that many others in Geneva are negotiating as well.  The biggest changes are perhaps physical but this also translates over into other more important issues of community,welfare and environmental conditions.  


8 years ago i was still jogging, occasionally playing tennis with my daughter and a couple of friends, and tackling home improvement projects without fear.  That has changed and i imagine that it has for many others in the 55 to 70 age bracket. Geneva can be a wonderful place for our older citizens to "age in place" instead of leaving for a planned retirement community because our neighborhoods are authentic, multi-variate and multi-generational  

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