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Strategies for the Future

Our role as Councilors is to foster the spirit of partnership across all organizations and individuals and be cheerleaders for the City to visitors and the outside world. And while this is all happening, we must never forget that an integral component of our future is our continued stewardship of our natural environment and precious Seneca Lake.

We have to be honest, as transparent as possible, willing to admit our mistakes and work together to make Geneva a better community.


  1. Protection - Neighborhoods, trees, traditional downtown urban character, Seneca Lake, lake access, tax base, and residents' quality of life.

  2. Taxes – Control tax rate and tax increases for the citizens of Geneva. For the 2019 Budget led an effort to reduce City taxes by over $200K to create a new dynamic for City finances – the first significant budget tax reduction in over 10 years. Make some tactical and strategic cuts to stabilize taxes, strive for no tax increases for the next four years, develop revenue strategies for the general fund, add to reserve accounts, and take a long-term approach.

  3. City Government and Council - Foster a more open, transparent, and accountable City government; make City Council meetings more user-friendly and foster development of objective information for all important issues.

  4. Environment – Since my first year on City Council in 2012, the global scientific community has called for drastic action at all levels of government all over the world to address climate change and reduce CO2 emissions. Geneva must be part of the solution at the local level. That means supporting an array of environmental initiatives in the City and the greater Finger Lakes including: assuring the closure of the SMI and Ontario County landfills, completing the City’s vermi-culture composting facility and resource recovery park, assisting the NYS DEC in crafting a new strategy for the elimination of organic landfill deposition throughout the State, and opposing all incinerator projects in the greater Finger Lakes Region. Support and promote the Citizens Vision 2025-2028 for the Finger Lakes.  

  5. Lakefront Development - Enhance/expand City development to Increase the Tax Base – Move the Finger Lakes Railroad from its current location to the north of the City. Organize and focus lakefront development on the north side of 5&20 and preserve an open and pastoral lakefront for the enjoyment of all Genevans and visitors.

  6. Town of Geneva – Explore and develop joint projects that reduce costs. Create and operationalize partnerships that enhance the greater City/Town area.

  7. Aesthetics – Beautify City gateways and public spaces, especially downtown. Work in partnership with the Geneva BID and other volunteer organizations.

  8. Neighborhoods and Social Harmony - Identify the complex of issues regarding neighborhoods and safety; focus roles of City Council and Administration, families, and schools; invigorate neighborhood groups and foster communications between police and community, and support social justice initiatives that are currently underway.

  9. Seneca Lake – Lake water quality has become a critical factor in the health and welfare of the City. Provide support to all efforts to reduce nutrient strain and contamination of the Seneca Lake watershed, improve Seneca Lake water quality and avert an algal bloom crisis, and cooperate and support the Finger Lakes Institute and the Seneca Watershed Intermunicipal Organization.

"My personal view is that any institution has to actually have climate change risk and protection of the environment at the core of their understanding of their mission."


Christine Lagarde, regarding her imminent confirmation as President to the European Central Bank, 9/5/2019, NYTimes.

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