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Ken has served as a Geneva City Councilor for two terms. Policies and accomplishments that he has been associated over this period include the following:

First Four Years - 2013-2016

  • Rehabilitation of Neider Park so that Ward 4 and 6 families would have access to dry playgrounds.

  • More transparency in City government and a more people-friendly City Council venue where there is plenty of access to the podium for residents of all persuasions and background.

  • Approached City government policies by first contributing to the development of facts sets on which to base public policy initiatives and actions.

  • Along with Fmr. Clr. Tony D’Constanza I initiated a City-wide a sidewalk improvement policy that has made this a safer and more pedestrian-friendly city.

  • Led the effort to transfer the City’s 911 service to the County where the upgrades and enhancements to the system have occurred at a fraction of the cost to City, saving approx. ~$400K/year over the first couple of ears.

  • Silenced the old Geneva Fire Horn so that our downtown could be a peaceful place to live, work, visit, and play.

  • Improved policies and actions to safeguard our precious lake and lakeside environment and reduce the influence of mega-landfills on our politics and the region.

Second Four Years - 2017-2020

  • Stood up for 4th Ward residents and their concerns regarding City services, N. Genesee St. reconstruction, and disposal of derelict housing.

  • Along with CClr. Mark Gramling, supported an open dialogue about the need to address racial injustice and bias in our police force and in the City’s hiring policies.

  • Initiated an effort to reduce the City’s 2019 budget so that CC delivered (albeit a modest 3.14% decrease) the first reduction in the tax rate in almost 10 years.

  • Promoted a growth model for the City including holding the line on taxes, fast-tracking zoning to encourage developers to come to Geneva and develop the Legion property, moving the Finger Lakes RR to open up lake access and development for the residents of the 6th Ward.

  • Asked the Town government to come to the table and assist the City with a payment-in-lieu of taxes type subsidy to support City services from which their electorate benefits.

  • Advocated for additional environmental initiatives in City operations, including the development of the first municipal vermi-culture composting system in the Finger Lakes.

If only dogs could vote!

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